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On two separate occasions in the past 3 years, I learned of electrochemical processes that do extraordinary and unexpected things. My feeling is that use of electrochemical methods in unconventional applications will be rich in new advances.

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Super valuable summary :)

On the infrastructure point - interesting (and concerning, although I guess not surprising) that Greg Nemet highlighted on the State of CDR launch webinar last week that their analysis shows that large-scale infrastructure technologies (railroads, pipelines, etc) have typically been the slowest to scale up if you look back at historical examples.

Also some fascinating comments on funding gaps/ the 'valley of death' (specifically within a CDR context) by Andrew Shebbeare on the NTNU Energy Transition Podcast last week.

Matt Clifford (EF Founder) also involved in ARIA I believe - he used to talk a lot about the systems/ institutions/ etc you need to drive scientific progress in his (now largely discontinued) newsletter.

Looking forward to more!

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